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Our philosophy

We are Delhi based manufacturers of Exclusively designed gold jewellery, coming from a family of goldsmiths, a tradition of fine craftsmanship, which is many centuries old. We had a small set up in Kolkata, from there we shifted to Delhi in 1983, which is now more than 34 years of dedicated quality service to the trade. We have our strength in combination of innovative ideas with traditional techniques, to design and create a modern attire for the modern Indian woman. In our belief, no other woman in the world is more intelligent, fashion conscious, courageous and beautiful than an Indian woman, and this makes our task more challenging and demanding. Indians are the most nature loving and colour conscious people in the world, and the same is our design philosophy.

How we do it

We would like to welcome every opportunity to be involved in, helping our customer to achieve a piece of jewellery, which is very unique and special to our customers, bringing their vision to reality with our skills in designing and creating. We would like to share our vision with our customers, and, to achieve that, we would always like to welcome suggestions and comments.

Our strengths

N. M. Karel & Sons is a family owned business, having D. D. Karel as proprietor and supported by younger brothers Bimal Kumar Karel & Manoj Karel, having a team of around 100 people directly or indirectly working for it.  Primary area of our strength and speciality is manufacturing, and the products manufactures are a couture line of designer gold jewellery studded with colour stones, with a focus on design.  We have a dedicated design team which has a continuous development regime and constantly working on new ideas, always striving to bring out something new. All the concepts and designs are then analysed according to manufacturing processes, techniques and sketches. A lot of concepts and working pieces are sometimes exposed to people to have their views. A lot of factors like the wearable and practical aspects of the piece are discusses and planned. We are confident of our design planning, because this is our core strength and many people in the trade can vouch for it.  We have customers across India, including largest brands in the country, and a reputation spread across the country for our innovative products, and quality.

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